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Big Marco Bail Bonds, is a bail bond company that provides bail bond service across the country and  our main offices are located in San Diego, California.  We are one of the few bonding companies that have experience handling immigration bail bonds and other types of bonds as well.  We now have more that 40 years of experience in the bail bonding industry and we are one of the top companies in the country.  We are open 24/7 and we are always happy to answer all of your questions and doubts about our bail bond service and how to bail out a family member or friend.  Take advantage of our free consultation service, as we will answer all of your questions, about the bail bonding process.  The Department of Insurance in California, has licensed  Big Marco Bail Bonds, so we can provide all of our bail services. 

Our priority is to help our clients bail their family member or friend out of jail, in the least amount of time possible.  We know how serious and important this situation is for you and this is why we respect your privacy and confidentiality.  Our bail bonding agents are very experienced and they can solve most situations very fast.  We can help you learn more about bailing someone out of jail, over the phone, fax or via email.  If you cannot come in to our office, one of our expert agents can go to where you are and help you out.

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Marco LiMandri became part of  the bail bonding business, back in the fall of 1972.  It was later in May 1973, when he decided to take a huge step and start his own bail bond company.  He named it,  “A to Z Bonds”.  During 1976 to 1980, Marco was the President of the San Diego Ball Agents Association.   From February 1980 to May 1985, he worked for the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Union, as a business agent.  Marco was also a Chairman of the Health and Welfare Trust Fund union and he was also the Secretary-Treasurer from 1982 to 1985.

It was until late 1985, when Marco decided to dedicate all of his time to the bail bonding business.  In 1987, he would be elected once more, as the President of the San Diego Bail Agents Association, after he decided to reorganize the way they operated.  He did not leave that position, until 1992, when he decided to become Vice President of the California Bail Agents Association.  In 1996, he would be elected as President of the California Bail Agents Association and he would remain there, until 2000.  Later in 2002, Marco would be elected as PBUS Director At Large and once more in 2004.  He would then become Vice President of the Board of Directors for PBUS, California Bail  Agents Association and the Bail Agents of San Diego County. 

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